Our core purpose is to help organizations such as yours to acquire the right software, defect free, within budget and on time, every time. To accomplish this, SMIRALLES performs research to explore promising solutions to software engineering problems, identifies them, designs the software architecture, developes the software, tests and refines the solutions through pilot programs, and implements the solutions in production environment.

  • Our Vision

    Developing leading software to solve our customers' problems.

  • Our Mission

    To develop, operate, and sustain software systems that are innovative, affordable, trustworthy, and enduring. We achieve our mission through:

    • - Research, advancing the science and practice.
    • - Development and Demonstration, maturing applications and demonstrating their utility through prototypes.
    • - Production, implementing the software and integrating it into production environment.
  • Our Strategic Goals

    • - Technical Goal - Develop, execute, and evolve a technical agenda that brings effective and scalable solutions to our stakeholders' current and future software.
    • - Research Goal - Be a respected reference in the software community.
    • - Workforce Goal - Attract, develop, recognize, reward, and retain a highly capable and multi-disciplined workforce.
    • - Customer Goal - Continue developing a strategic customer portfolio to maximize impact on critical projects.
    • - Revenue Goal - Maximize long term revenue.

Our Values

SMIRALLES values are excellence, integrity, impact, teamwork, and timing. These values are the basics of our whole activity. They hold us together when the forces of change push and pull us this way and that.


  • - We expect excellence from ourselves in all that we do, every day.
  • - We hire and develop superb talent.
  • - We continually grow in knowledge, experience, and service.
  • - We're leaders in our industry and professional communities.


  • - We work together to merit the trust of our customers and colleagues.
  • - We are who we say we are – we are driven by our mission, do what we say and say what we do.
  • - We treat our customers and each other with respect, fairness, honesty and dignity.
  • - We hold ourselves accountable for practicing our values.


  • - We take informed risks, attacking hard problems and helping solve customer challenges.
  • - We build external capability and capacity, establish and lead communities of interest and transition knowledge through publications, standards, courses, and other avenues.


  • - We integrate across our disciplines to bring our customers high impact solutions.
  • - We are collaborative and respect the contributions of each person to the team's success.
  • - We communicate frequently, honestly and openly.


  • - We take informed risks, attacking hard problems and helping solve customer challenges.
  • - We recognize our customers' challenges and operate on time.


SMIRALLES is a Software Engineering and software product manufacturing company that offers four product lines:

  • ilEAN
  • ilEAN

  • carmen
  • carmen

  • EleAN
  • EleAN

  • susana
  • susana


Being competitive nowadays is indispensable in a global market. You cannot miss business opportunities, and in addition keeping up with the global markets standards is mandatory if you wish to continue with your activity. The new european norm CE NO 178/2002 and the current regulations in the U.S. set traceability as required for almost all sectors, especially in food and beverage industry.

Traceability in the Food and Beverage industry
Traceability is nothing but a comprehensive record of production activity, annexing all the previous activity of used products. This way the company will be protected against the established laws and also get added value to its production. Quality and its evaluation (ISO etc..) are crucial to competitiveness, and it is increasingly becoming the measure that makes the difference. Consumers are getting more sensitive to these aspects of production and demand a clear and unequivocal transparency of the manufacturing processes of the products they consume. Fear and laws are changing global markets and there is a need for adaptation to these new trends.

Through the ilEAN® .ile file you can get a traceability chain from beginning to end, a guarantee of quality you can offer your customers.

ilEAN® and Traceability
ilEAN® enables managing traceability in an intuitive and simple way thanks to its studied user interface scheme. It fits any type of business because unlike other systems, the user can add attributes to each process at his choice. It can be used both by a vegetables producer, a sausage or precooked foods maker, or a large food distribution chain.

ilEAN success: the encapsulated traceability file .ile
ilEAN® success lies in its universality, in the sense that it works in any way that the user requires, it fits any ERP system, and it works with standard product identification systems (EAN) and the latest RFID technologies. An effective solution which also incorporates its most revolutionary functionality: traceability encapsulated in file format. Creating traceability chains from start to end, interacting with your suppliers and customers is now very easy with the ilEAN® .ile file.


carmen® is an award winning POS system designed for the new business. Based on a software engine used by heavy industries such as chemicals and automotive, it puts the power and simplicity at your service.

You will be able to run and manage your business in an easy and convenient way, always adapting carmen® to your needs.

Absolutely customizable, it is the revolution in POS systems, because you can even use your regular computer, or also the most modern touchscreens.

You choose, and you decide. We provide the tool to make your business be what it has to be, productive and satisfying. So do not hesitate and get now carmen® workflow systems, the next POS software generation.

POS basic functions
The traditional shop has undergone a revolution until reaching the present shop, in which many operations occur around the commercial transaction, which are interrelated and must be all coordinated.

From this context and in an environment as variable as is the trade one, in which it becomes essential that operations are robust and error free, and that everything works to optimize time and profits, it is primordial to have a management tool that allow linking up all these operations and collaborate to the business development work: that is the role of point of sale terminals.

The increase in competitiveness, the management evolution, the offering to customers and the business adaptation to changes ability, are concepts that have also affected trade and therefore to the way of working.

All these factors have provoked a modernization in businesses and the incorporation of varying sophistication components, which must engage to be coordinated, because everything is currently connected and interrelated. Here is where POS terminal comes into action.

The POS is composed of a specific software and a harware equipment, both of which cover all needs that a shop or store can have relating to business management and control: transactions and payment means, order management, staff management, stock control, etc.

carmen® is the fundamental part of a POS system, meaning that it is the software that allows the user interact with the hardware equipment in an easy, safe and reliable way. carmen® is the POS management program for any business type: hospitality, pubs and discotheques, commerce in general, bakeries and pastry shops, hairdressers and beauty centers, real estate, hotels, jewelries, mechanics, drycleaners…

POS advantages
Generally speaking, having a POS in a facility implies some considerable advantages:

  1. Streamlines tasks and transactions.
  2. Optimizes costs and expenses.
  3. Helps in business management.
  4. Avoids waiting and queues.

Who gets a POS system?
Who can be interested in acquiring a POS system? Every store and business in which some kind of commercial transaction takes place: from hotels, airports and rail stations to shopping centers, restaurants, clothing stores, mechanical workshops, hairdressers and beauty centers…


The global market requires global solutions
EleAN® is the result of accumulated experience in creating product plant management systems. It combines the power of a manufacturing and stock management engine with a workflow system that thanks to its paperless plant system allows optimizing dramatically every production and logistic process at any company that is important in size and production capacity.

The EleAN® systems present three cornerstones:

  • Short term implementation

    Who will implement EleAN®?
    EleAN® is a liberalized system. So that while choosing EleAN® you do not depend on a single company to address its implementation or getting technical support. There is an extensive network of partners (EleAN® Solution Provider) that will be able to undertake the implementation of your traceability system, offering you all the power and quality of the EleAN® systems without renouncing to the guarantee of having the company in charge of the implementation as close as possible. This implies a real guarantee in terms of ensuring your software investment, because ultimately you could even change the EleAN® systems provider without necessarily changing the software.

    What is the estimated implementation time?
    EleAN® systems, due to their paperless philosophy and their extreme ease of use, absorb much of the time other systems require for staff formation and, while being a standard configurable system, it also absorbs the time needed to adjust the system to your business operation. So that this, in addition to the use of EleAN® Integration Daemon for EleAN® integration with your current computer system, leaves the average implementation time, for example for a company with 2 plant terminals and 3 office computers, in no more than 5 working days.

  • Perform paperless tasks from the first day

    Paperless module
    Thanks to the use of EleAN® workflow systems, plant information is available in real time. Do not expect to wait to type numerous handwritten reports with very different calligraphies (that are sometimes illegible).

    The benefits of this system are endless but among them we emphasize the EleAN bet for making the person performing the process responsible of the data insertion, leaving an inviolable record at the introduction time. The reduction in the error percentage in the introduction of information has been well proven over the last years. How do you get a worker to enter these data? The answer is very simple: no need to invest in training or high technologies difficult to amortize in the short term. EleAN® is commited to offer a friendly interface yet extremely easy to use without losing its operative. EleAN® workflow systems knows that the plant operator cannot waste much time on the computer. His actions on the screen have to be prompt and concrete and the system used must be a help more than a nuisance, and this is the great EleAN® virtue: the operator uses EleAN® primarily for his own benefit, this being one more tool for his daily work. It should also be added that working with EleAN® systems at plant level does not slow down the usual working time. The fact is that many of the processes increase in speed and quality.

    Once the datum is inserted, through the “single datum” philosophy present at any time, the information will flow through its respective paths until reaching its destination.
    This facilitates production control and significantly reduces the time of intervention in the event of a failure of quality failure.

  • Increasing production efficiency and automate the stock flow management

    Stock control module
    Stocks and their handling are a key strenght of EleAN®. Thanks to the file that receive information from their entry into the production process (purchasing / suppliers) we know exactly their status in real time. With a graphic stock management module we can visualize in the warehouse their location, status, stock, and future employments for the material in manufacturing orders. It also allows plant operators to have this information available for verification, movement or use, leaving this way the paperwork and information losses aside. We thus optimize processes in a manufacturing plant, or even a large scale product distributor, freeing localization processes and regular inventories.

    A great solution to a great problem that EleAN® offers companies through its Visual Stock Management module – VSM.


susana HealthTrace Workflow is the computer system created by Smiralles Software Engines in collaboration with the most prestigious international bodies to effectively and definitively manage hospitals, clinics, laboratories and all types of health and care centers. Based on engines used effectively in production industries, HealthTrace has an extremely powerful ability to record, manage and trace absolutely everything concerning a health center and its satellites (laboratories, suppliers, etc ...)

Why Choose Us

Proven Experience

SMIRALLES team has extensive experience in multiple technologies and tools. We use this knowledge to develop innovative solutions that lower costs for customers and can be deployed rapidly. We understand that time is money and the sooner we get your solution up and running, the sooner you can start to reap the benefits of your technology solution. Along with this, we also ensure the solutions we deliver align with your overall business objectives, a critical requirement of effective business and technology management.

Dedicated Teams and Support

SMIRALLES provides a development team dedicated to your project(s) as part of our Global Development Center delivery model. With notice, the team may increase or decrease in size. This is ideal for medium to large projects where scope is subject to revision and change. This option allows the most flexibility and lends itself to the Agile Development methodology. The project has defined scrums with scope, a specific cost and time duration.

Software that gets results

Lots of development companies develop software, but lots of development companies develop software that fails in the end. Our software gets results.
We design solutions incorporating the latest practices in usability, functionality and accessibility, then test and refine the solutions through pilot programs, and finally implement the solutions in production environment. Our software reach completion only when the client is completely satisfied with every aspect of the project.

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